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Written, Produced & Hosted by Chaz Allen

Chaz Allen is the creator, producer, head writer and host of Little Known Facts. He is published author, screenwriter, television producer and radio syndicator.

The popularity of his various magazine and newspaper columns throughout the years was a natural lead-in to creating this radio show.

He served on the Board of Directors of the National Audio Publishers Association.

You may have seen his name on many network television programs over the years. Today he lives in Edmond, Oklahoma and is an avid tennis fan.

John DiMaggio, Audio Technician
Cheryl Rolin, Graphic and Web Design
Sara Jandreau, Editor


Chaz Allen

Chaz Allen

1st Place' Newspaper Personal Column.  by The Society of Professional Journalists for 2004!
Five Time Addy Award Winner 

New York Producers Award 

Named Producer of the Year 

Syndicated Columnist 

National CITE Award Winner